Preparing for Your Newborn Session


Thank you for the opportunity to capture the beautiful details of life with a newborn! I have no doubt it will be a beautiful, love-filled day with many amazing moments. Big and small. This guide is mostly a collection of suggestions. As you might already know, life with a newborn is rarely predictable. Dont worry though, be prepared to go with the flow & embrace whatever the moment gives us. I promise you there's beauty in every moment. My hope is that this guide will prepare you for what to expect on the day I arrive to document your beautiful new little babe.

When should I contact you?
Please keep me posted if there are any changes in your birth plan or due date. Please send a quick text (personal cell: 512-571-0062) when labor begins and soon after baby is born--preferably within 24 hours. If an extenuating situation arises please notify me as soon as practicable. Knowing this information helps me plan my life (i.e. figuring out childcare & juggling other photography sessions) so I can aim to be with you at a time that works best for you. Newborn sessions take place within 7 days of when baby is born and may take place in your home or recovery room. Newborn sessions take place between the hours of 9am to 5pm and are based on my availability. If I happen to be at a birth or are attending another session I will communicate this to you (likely via text) and promise to reschedule with 24 hours or go to you after the current session is completed.

Hospital Sessions
If you'd like your session to take place in the hospital be sure to give yourself a little bit of time to refresh, rest & recover. I strongly recommend letting your medical staff know you've hired a professional photographer to come spend some time with you & your family. Your session may also take place after you've been discharged as a homecoming or as standard in-home session. If an emergency situation presents itself, meaning mom or baby is in critical condition, please send a quick text so I am at least aware. If you wish for your session to take place while baby is in NICU please discuss this with your medical providers first as they will have the final say if I'm allowed in to document your story.

Birth Center or Home Birth Sessions
If baby is born at a birth center and everyone is well then you will likely be released within hours of delivery. If you wish for your session to take place before leaving the birth center please discuss this with your birth providers beforehand for approval.

What about lighting?
I usually prefer using natural light if possible but am prepared to use flash if the situation warrants it. After I arrive and before I start shooting I'll likely ask to lift blinds, pull back curtains, or turn off artificial lights. If flash is necessary it'll never be bounced directly in anyone's face.

What should I wear?
Newborn sessions are all about embracing newborn life and what you wear should be practical, comfortable & authentic to your personal style. If your session takes place in the hospital setting, I'd recommend a comfortable robe that's easy to nurse and do skin-to-skin in. If your session takes place in-home, think about what you'd wear if I wasn't there taking photos--and dress it up just a bit.


Wear whatever is comfortable for you! My personal preference is a more casual lived-in look. This look can be super casual for a or a little more dressed up if you'd prefer. T-shirts & jeans work great for Dads Solid-colors, swim tops, & unlined/no underwire bra are great choices. If you feel the urge to take off your bra during birth, dont worry. Im often able to get creative with angles and still capture moments that you can share with family or friends.

Some clients will bring meaningful items or jewelry. These will not only provide amazing stories for you to tell your children in the years to come, but they can make your photographs really pop. If you are giving birth in the water, consider bringing a towel with special significance. If you are giving birth in the hospital, consider bringing your own swaddling blankets or baby hats.

Your partner should also wear comfortable clothing. Solid colors are often preferable as loud patterns or logos can distract the eye from the beautiful moments that are unfolding in your family. Some of my favorite choices are solid color t-shirts-- comfortable but also great to photograph.

I encourage both you and your partner to pick out a separate set of clothes that can be worn after birth. Giving birth can be messy, and you may want to change out of what youve been wearing. Many of my clients will purchase a pretty robe that coordinates with something their partner or other children will wear. Those first family photos can be priceless. But at the end of it all, remember that what you wear matters far less than what you experience. Dont stress too much about clothing!


Your birth package includes 2 sneak-peek images that I process and edit within 48 hours of birth. My goal is to get sneak-peeks ready for you as soon as possible, but depending on the birth and my workload, it might take up to 48 hours. These images are specifically sized for the web so that you can easily and beautifully announce the birth of your baby on social media. I'll arrive at your birth with my laptop and if time allows, you just might have your first two images before we part ways.

The rest of your images will be edited within 4-6 weeks. Youll receive a link to your private and custom gallery where youll be able to view all your images and purchase prints.

Where should I print my images?

The images you receive from the session come with a print release, which allows you to print photos for personal use. However, I work with a professional printer and I highly recommend that you consider purchasing prints through my site. My computer is specifically calibrated to his printer, which means that the images you receive will be of the utmost quality. You can buy cheap prints, but most of my clients find that the quality is incredibly poor. Remember that these images will be in your family for years to come. You may also purchase high quality photo books with the images from your session.


I base my decision on what to share according to your responses on the questionnaire you filled out. I believe there is always something share-worthy, even if it doesn't include "those" moments.