Preparing for Your Birth Session


Thank you for the opportunity to capture your birth day! I have no doubt it will be a beautiful, love-filled day with many amazing moments. Big and small. This guide is mostly a collection of suggestions. Birth is a mysterious force and it often has a mind of its own. Dont worry: as your birth photographer, Im able to adjust and adapt to whatever course your birth will take. My hope is that this guide will prepare you for what its like to have a birth photographer in your birth space and give you the tools to best plan for what will certainly be a memorable day.

When should I contact you?

Please keep me posted after your weekly check-in's with your OB or Midwife. Please send me a message when you feel like labor is beginning. This allows me to think about the next few days with your birth in mind. I wont get in my car, but I will make sure that my bag is packed, ready by the door and that childcare is arranged for my little one.

Once contractions have intensified and youve decided its time to call your midwife or head to the hospital, please send me a message or give me a call. My goal is to arrive when you are in active labor. This ensures that my presence wont distract you or prevent your labor from advancing. If you arent sure if youre in active labor, your care provider will be the best gauge. Below are a few rough guides that can hint at active labor (but remember, active labor can look different for each woman!)

•  Contractions are 4-5 minutes apart, for approx. one hour
•  Contractions are too intense to walk or talk through. Your responses or requests dwindle down to one word responses.
•  Contractions are accompanied with rectal pressure
•  Dilated to 5 centimeters

 Remember, I might need up to 2.5 hours notice. Please dont hesitate to contact me once you feel you're in or approaching active labor. 

The Unplugged Birth Experience
I strongly suggest letting friends and family (and even your birth professionals if they plan to take pics) know ahead of time that you've paid a lot of money for a professional photographer to document your birth story and to please keep their phones & cameras to a minimum. I'll be there for up to 2 hours after birth to capture those first moments, too, so they can be included, too. Everyone deserves to enjoy & be fully present in the moment--it's a pretty special day. Once I arrive, I'll assess the situation and if things aren't moving quickly, I'll send out my first photo update to your friends & family listed on your questionnaire.

An unplugged birth is a good idea because labor & delivery can move at a fast & unpredictable pace. I need the ability to move quickly without having to ask others to please move so I can get the shot. If I miss the shot, the moment is gone forever and you run the risk of having your gallery filled with photos of others taking photos of you. I'm navigating around a number of birth professionals and the less I have to work around, the easier it is to catch the moment & deliver an outstanding final product to you. 

What about lighting?
Some women like to give birth in a dark environment. My camera is a rock star at handling low light situations. That being said, I do need SOME light to capture those incredible moments. If I feel like there isnt enough light in your birth space, I may ask to make some small adjustments--like turning lights is a neighboring room. If it's something you're against, just let me know. During birth, I often bounce my flash off the ceiling or a wall behind me so I can capture the quick and fleeting moments of birth. My flash is very different from the flashes that most people are accustomed to. The flash is usually on it's power setting, with a diffuser, and will never be directed near or towards your face. Most of my clients arent even aware that Im using it.

What should I wear?
Wear whatever is comfortable for you! Many Mama's wear a sports bra or swim suit top during labor and birth because they want to be able to share some of the images publicly. Solid-color sports bras, swim tops, & unlined/no underwire bra are great choices. If you feel the urge to take off your bra/clothing during birth, dont worry. Im often able to get creative with angles and still capture moments that you can share with family or friends.

Some clients will bring meaningful items or jewelry. These will not only provide amazing stories for you to tell your children in the years to come, but they can make your photographs really pop. If you are giving birth in the water, consider bringing a towel with special significance. Swaddling blankets & baby hats are all great options. Your partner should also wear comfortable clothing. Solid colors are often preferable as loud patterns or logos can distract the eye from the beautiful moments that are unfolding in your family.

When should I expect my images?
Your birth package includes 2 sneak-peek images that I process and edit within 48 hours of birth. My goal is to get sneak-peeks ready for you as soon as possible, but depending on the birth and my workload, it might take up to 48 hours. These images are specifically sized for the web so that you can easily and beautifully announce the birth of your baby on social media. I'll arrive at your birth with my laptop and if time allows, you just might have your first two images before we part ways.

The rest of your images will be edited within 4-6 weeks. Youll receive a link to your private and custom gallery where youll be able to view all your images and even purchase prints.

Where should I print my images?
The images you receive from the session come with a print release, which allows you to print photos for personal use. Should you choose to print on your own I'd recommend MPix or Artifiact Uprising. I also work with a professional printer and recommend purchasing through me if you're looking for high quality prints that will last for decades. All prints purchased through me are printed on archive paper with a life expectancy of  100 years (if displayed out in the open) and 200 years (if stored in a dark & dry place).

What will you share on social media?
I base my decision on what to share according to your responses on the questionnaire & model release you filled out.

Please click this link to download a helpful reminder that includes my contact/emergency contact information and common symptoms of active labor to look for. Above all else, always trust your instinct.