5 Informative Resources for Expecting Mama's

When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter mysearch for qualified information surrounding pregnancy & birth began. 
There is so much information on the Internet and sometimes it takes some time finding resources that are helpful.
By helpful I mean transparent & informative resources that are unbiased & judgment free.

Here are my favorite resources and I hope they leave you feeling empowered & supported.    

Birth Without Fear
I like BWF because of all the information on pregnancy, birth, and post partum journeys. BWF also has  a great catalog of birth stories and video’s so you can see what birth really looks like.

Evidence Based Birth
I like EBB because it gives you all the facts. Literally, statistical facts on all sorts of topics that help take the fear out of some of the things our birth providers tell us. For example, I hear so many doctors tell mama’s that they’re baby will be born ‘big’ and that the best position to labor in is on your back. These comments can trigger unnecessary stress, anxiety, fear and lead to unnecessary interventions. If you want facts, look here.

The Birth Hour
Why it’s great: Listen & read birth stories and connect with other women. It’s educational because it reinforces that every birth is unique in its own way. The stories shared not only inform, but talk about the many struggles we face in our journey as mothers. I listened this podcast for hours during the first year of my daughter’s life. What I loved most was how it showed me that what I was experiencing was completely normal and that I wasn’t crazy.
Also, this website is full of beautiful birth photography from some of the best birth photographers around the country.

Spinning Babies
Why it’s great: A great resource for if you’re looking to help baby with finding the best position for childbirth. Learn why it’s important and different exercises to help your body prepare for birth.

This app combines the experience of over 100 qualified birth professionals from all specialties to deliver you with fast & qualified answers to all of your birth related questions. Birthpedia is set to release Fall 2017 on Android & Apple devices.


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